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Welcome to WORK AWAY PROGRAM page .
Below you will find all information regarding program . 

W O R K A W A Y    A P P L I C A T I O N 

If you would like to participate in the program , we are welcoming you to send your application to :


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Phone : (40 ) 721 351 638 


Here you will find interview dates when confirmed :




1..  be 18 – 29 years of age
(chefs and waitpersons up to the age of 35)
2.  be available to travel during the times specified
for the various programs offered
3.  be dedicated, hardworking and have the ability
to work under pressure
4.  be fluent in English
5.  be drug free
6.  be medically fit
7.  have a good attitude, enthusiasm for the job, a willing-
ness to please and a dynamic, outgoing personality
8. have a valid passport
9  have no criminal record
10  have work experience in a related field
11. be a citizen/resident of the country you are applying from


. A pre arranged job
. A pre departure orientation in your home country
. Assistance with your visa application
. Round trip flight ticket to USA
. A post arrival orientation in the USA
. Pre arranged furnished accommodation (optional)
. A guaranteed 80 hours over 2 weeks which is
paid bi-weekly
. Free medical insurance coverage (dental excluded)
. Optional by club – transportation is arranged for day
trips to popular tourist attractions e.g. Disney World,
Key West, South Beach (Miami), a trip to New York
City, Six Flags Great Adventure Theme Park, a baseball
game or a trip to Broadway-employer specific
. A stimulating work environment

About working in USA


The Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct is designed to provide a standard of moral behavior by which program participants are expected to govern themselves. Our best recommendation for testing the propriety of any action is to ask yourself, “If this particular activity were to be known by the general public, would I still engage in it? Or, would doing so bring dishonor upon myself, my family and the outstanding reputation of this program and the Country Club?”


Participants are obligated to comply with all applicable federal, state and local laws and/or regulations. While it is not practical to list all laws to which individuals are subject, the following violations shall provide example: Underage consumption of alcohol; trespassing on private property; theft of/or damage to public property (i.e. stealing traffic signs, breaking windows, graffiti); theft of private property (i.e. jewelry, money, valuables); falsifying information provided to government agencies (i.e. Immigration and Naturalization, Internal Revenue Service, Social Security Administration).


Participants are obligated to comply with and uphold all policies and procedures of the Club. While it is not practical to list all policies and procedures to which individuals are subject, the following violations shall provide example: Damage to Club property (i.e. crashing a golf cart, carelessly breaking equipment); theft of Club property (i.e. unauthorized consumption of food, unauthorized telephone call/internet use, outright stealing of food, liquor, china, silver, drinking while on duty, etc.).
This code is not the exclusive source of Club standards or policies and should be regarded as an addition to all other Club rules and regulations. Nor is this code entirely inclusive – no one statement can satisfactorily cover all questionable situations and circumstances. Nevertheless, certain criteria are helpful in determining the propriety of a particular activity. Most individuals have a keen awareness of “right” and “wrong” and possess enough common sense to act accordingly. Representatives of the Country Club or Workaway International are neither your guardians nor your keepers. You and you alone are responsible for your conduct and your own physical well-being.

As an adult (18 years or older), if you are arrested and/or incarcerated for any reason, neither the Country Club nor Workaway International has the authority or obligation to act as your guardian


Workaway offers two programs, winter from October to May and summer from April to October. Note that you have to be on the winter program in order to apply for the summer program. You are expected to both understand and fulfill the duties of your stated position. Transfers to other positions will not be granted. You may be required to work overtime hours in addition to your standard weekly schedule. Please note, however, that overtime is not guaranteed. You will be expected to uphold all of the standards set forth by management/ membership and to abide by the rules and regulations of the Club. Remember, this is a work program!


The following is a brief description of the positions available and an overview of their responsibilities. You may be asked/required to perform additional tasks relating to your position. Be sure to let your interviewer know which positions you are most interested in and why. All positions require a great attitude and a smile!


No, your H2B visa only allows you to work for the employer listed on your visa, which will be the country club. In addition, note that you are only allowed to work in the position as stipulated on your visa e.g. if you are listed as a server, you cannot move to another position (bartender, cook, etc.) during the season.


Possession of controlled substances (drugs) is illegal in the United States. Heavy fines and jail time may result from drug possession or even association with people in possession of drugs. All clients have a zero tolerance towards drug use. All participants will be tested for drugs before they depart to the USA. You will also be tested upon arrival in the US by your employer as well as randomly throughout the season. Test failure will result in the termination of your contract and deportation. NOTE: Alcohol consumption on the job will result in disciplinary action, up to and including, suspension and/or termination. Excessive use of alcohol at the housing complexes could also result in termination from the housing program. The legal age for consuming alcohol in the United States is 21. You will be required to prove your age with a photo ID when purchasing alcohol.


In keeping with the US labour regulations, employment with your employer is “at will”. This means that your contract may be terminated by you or your employer, at any time, with or without cause or notice. The Country Clubs are in the member pleasing business and their primary focus is member satisfaction. Upholding the standards of the Club you are working at should be the priority guiding your work ethic. It is accepted that, from time to time, mistakes may be made within the work environment. However, when rules are broken, policies disregarded, or mistakes repeatedly made, there will be consequences. You may be given a verbal or written warning depending on the circumstances and severity of the situation. Three warnings may result in suspension and/or termination. There are, however, actions which could result in immediate termination, such as theft, property damage, fighting, unauthorized use of the Club’s equipment etc. All regulations will be detailed in the employee handbook you will receive during either your Workaway / Country Club orientation. Please familiarize yourself with your employer handbook. 

Transport and Finances


If you reside at the housing organized by the appointed housing company, transport to and from work will be provided either by bus or van. BUS/VAN TRANSPORT Bus/van schedules will be distributed during orientation. Be aware that these are designed to accommodate all daily work timetables and operate accordingly. If you miss a bus/van you are required to inform your manager or supervisor and make your own way to work at your own expense. It is your responsibility to arrive at work on time. PUBLIC TRANSPORT Public transport is also available at your own cost.


Your employer will pay earnings on a bi-weekly pay schedule. Please plan accordingly and save enough spending/ travelling money BEFORE your last day of work. Final pay checks will be mailed to your forwarding address in your respective country or can, at your request, be mailed to and collected from your local Workaway office or deposited directly into your USA bank account. At the Workaway/Country Club orientation, a representative from a local bank will be available to open a checking or savings account for you. It is your responsibility to maintain proper banking records and ensure that you do not overdraw your account. Remember, your finances are your responsibility and your employer will make no exceptions in this matter. Further, note that you alone are responsible for your personal documents, e.g. passport, social security card, I-94, etc.



You will be compensated with an hourly wage of between $10.50 and $19.00, depending on your position. A minimum of 80 hours over two weeks is guaranteed to employees that are paid bi-weekly. Overtime (over 40 hours worked in one pay week), is paid at time and a half. It is important to note that if you do not meet the minimum salary because of YOUR inability to work the required 80 hours bi-weekly, the guarantee will be forfeited.
TIPS: Due to Club policies, cash tips are prohibited and must be politely declined. Any employee accepting cash tips will be terminated immediately


By law, federal income tax, state income tax (where applicable), Medicare and social security tax will be deducted from your paycheck. It is your responsibility to file your income taxes correctly. Workaway will refer you to credible companies to assist you with your tax preparation. A living expense deduction and a refundable security deposit deduction will be levied on those who select the housing option. Security deposit refunds will either be direct deposits into your USA bank account, or forwarded to your local Workaway office after end of season inspections.




You may arrange your own accommodation or for a nominal fee, make use of the experienced team of the appointed housing company, who will arrange accommodation on your behalf. If you decide to secure accommodation through the appointed housing company, you will be required to sign a sub-lease for the apartment and will be subjected to all terms and conditions therein. If you decide to utilize the appointed housing company’s accommodation, you cannot during the employment contract decide to move to your own accommodation.

Be prepared to share a 2- or 3-bedroom apartment with another 3 to 5 co-ed flat mates. Flat mate requests will be honored where possible. However, they (including same gender requests) cannot be guaranteed.
Standard accommodations include: . 1 twin bed per person, including linens. 1 dining room set per apartment, including cookware and utensils. 1 living room set per apartment. 1 telephone per apartment with access to local and toll-free calls.

DSL internet connection Many of the apartments provide such amenities as microwaves, dishwashers, swimming pools, exercise facilities and laundromats. However, housing is assigned randomly and the amenities may vary.

Grocery, pharmacy and miscellaneous shopping are within city bus routes and biking/walking distance from the location of the housing unit. It is your responsibility to leave the apartment just as you found it. Noise disruptions, parties and underage drinking are strictly prohibited.

Genetic Disorders Diagnosis


Fingernails must be neatly trimmed. Cosmetics and nail polish are not permitted. Beards, goatees, mutton chops, soul patches, etc . are not permitted. Mustaches must be neatly trimmed without extending beyond the corners of the mouth .
Men are expected to be cleanly shaven at all times. Hair must be a neat and conservative style that is easily kept in place . Hair color should be one that could be grown naturally . Extreme styles, colors, ornamentation and excessive product usage are not permitted . No braiding or dreadlocks are accepted . Cologne in the food service area is not permitted .

Cosmetics should be tastefully applied in neutral shades that enhance one’s natural coloring. Fingernails must be neatly trimmed with the nail not extending beyond a quarter inch past the tip of the finger. Polish should be a solid conservative shade, and nails should be free of chips or blemishes. Hair must be a neat and conservative style that is easily kept in place. Hair color should be one that could be grown naturally. Extreme styles, colors, ornamentation and excessive product usage are not permitted. Perfume in the food service area is not permitted.
Failure to adhere to Club dress code policies may result in disciplinary action. Don't Pack as though you are going to be away for two weeks and take into consideration the weather as described. Comfortable casual clothes are appropriate. It is, however, recommended that you bring a cocktail dress or suit to wear at Club functions. A professional outfit is required for your Club orientation – ladies should wear a dress, skirt or pants suit and men should wear dress trousers and a collared shirt and optional tie .
Denim jeans are not permitted in any of the Clubs! In some instances, complimentary uniforms are provided. It will be your responsibility to maintain them immaculately and return them in an acceptable condition upon your departure. You will be responsible for proved - ING your own footwear and hosiery, e.g. black polish-able shoes (slip resistant) . A note detailing uniform specific requirements for each employer will be provided at the orientation session. The client expects you to perpetuate their professional environment even though you may be off duty. Please refrain from wearing cut-offs, tank tops, flip flops, swimsuits, or other extremely casual clothing whenever you are on property, even if it is before/after your shift or to attend a meeting.


It is the expectation of the Club that your appearance not vary from that of when you were interviewed in person by the Country Club. Because of the nature of our busy - ness, impeccable personal hygiene is expected at all times. The use of deodorant/antiperspirant is absolutely required and proper undergarments must be worn at all times. Clothes must be laundered and pressed before each wearing. Hats and head coverings are not permitted unless they are issued as part of your uniform. Tattoos, tongue rings and other miscellaneous piercings or body decorations are not permitted to be visible while on duty 

Diagnostic Radiology


As indicated, work transport is provided (by bus or van) to those living in the accommodation provided by the appointed housing company. Public transport is also available. Most shopping requirements are within easy reach of the accommodation provided by the appointed housing company, and are on city routes, in many instances, within walking distance.


Travel is permitted with prior permission from management in advance of booking it. Managers will do their best to accommodate requests, however there are no guarantees for time off.


Faxes may be received at any time and will be given to participants at their next shift. If you are housed by the appointed housing company, you will have a DSL internet connection for flatmates to share. Participants will need to provide their own laptop or computer. It is recommended that you establish an e-mail address prior to your departure as a great deal of communication will take place over the internet. Telephones will allow both the making and receiving of calls. Unlimited local calls are permitted, free of charge. Calling cards for international/long distance calls are at your own expense.


Although this is NOT a ‘working holiday’, Workaway International does encourage cultural exploration. Most employers will coordinate a few outings throughout each seasonal program to broaden your experience. Your employer will most likely be responsible for arranging the transportation. The participant is responsible for all costs including entrance fees, food, etc. You may be asked to contribute towards the transportation costs.

Trips to major attractions, such as Walt Disney World, Universal Studios, Florida Keys, Sawgrass Mills, South Beach Miami are scheduled from February to April. These outings depend on proximity to your Country Clubs. Summer in Illinois, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, and Pennsylvania may offer excursions to exciting ‘must-sees’ such as the Statue of Liberty, Manhattan, Six Flags Great Adventure Theme Park, Broadway, as Remember that using Club telephones for personal use is strictly prohibited and considered grounds for termination. Contact the Workaway office should you wish to travel outside of the USA whilst working at the Country Club.

well as the significant US national passtime such as baseball. It is your responsibility to receive permission from your manager in advance to attend group activities. The managers will do their best to accommodate everyone’s requests, however, servicing the Club’s members is our first priority.


If you become too ill to work, you will need to call your supervisor several hours in advance of your scheduled start time. You will not be paid for the time you are off sick. If you are out of work for two or more days you will need to bring a doctor’s note to work the next day to excuse your absence. Before you visit the doctor, you must contact the provided medical insurance company to file a claim. If you fail to do this, they may reject your claim. You will also need to contact your employer, who will assist you with facilitating transportation to the appropriate medical facility. You must have your medical insurance card with you to receive treatment. You will need to pay an ‘out of pocket’ expense of $100, when visiting a doctor. Be prepared to pay this amount upfront or you may risk not being treated. Should you become injured in the workplace you must report your injury immediately to your Supervisor or Human Resources department and you will be covered by Worker’s Compensation. If you become seriously ill and are unable to perform your job, you may be asked to resign from the program. Dental benefits are not covered by the medical insurance policy.
Visit www.workawayinternational.co.za for a direct link to the medical insurance website.