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To work in Hr with us we are looking for following points :

Positive attitude

Working in hr involves dynamic,team work,dead lines .With no positive attitude the wall is falling apart


Sometimes your co-worker will require your help although is not in your job description , we can only achieve in team. 


To organize yourself is the most critical part of job.It starts with "BE ON TIME" and continue with planning for all your daily tasks that must be planned ahead keeping the top priority projects on top but not forgetting the small details .

Computer Skills 

As we are running with huge steps in technology it is important to have good knowledge of computer such as : Windows Outlook,word,Excel,Power Point ,Adobe Pdf editor ,knowledge of advertising on platforms such as Facebook,LinkedIn,Instagram,
Tweeter . YouTube etc.

Language Skills

Our communication with our partners is in English so a high level of English is required .Additional languages such as French,Spanish,German is a plus but not mandatory 

Who can apply ?

As for the moment we can only accept local applications.

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