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Have you been responsible for leading and managing a deckhand? Are you skilled at navigating, maneuvering, and maintaining safety procedures aboard a river cruise ship, such as the Scylla ship fleet? If you answered yes to both these questions then our vessels need you. Without your navigational expertise and social leadership, our river cruise ship could go nowhere.


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While the captain is responsible for the ultimate decision making, you are in essence the co-captain. The general navigation, maneuvering, and safety procedures of the cruise ship, such as a Scylla river cruise, would be led under you. If you have the desire to one day be the captain yourself and you have prior experience assisting a captain aboard a river cruise ship, then this job is made especially for you. In addition, this position will entail an attention to the maintenance, cleaning and overall orderliness of the vessel’s deck


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The engineer of the river cruise ship will be responsible for the inventory, technical maintenance, and safety of the vessel’s equipment. Your status is crucial because the safety and general welfare of the people aboard the vessel rely on you. Cruise ships, such as the Scylla ships are pieces of craftsmanship. It is your responsibility to make sure they stay well maintained. Please contact us if you consider yourself to be very attentive to details needed in running and safely navigating a river cruise ship.


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As a first officer, you report to the Captain. You are a mathematics talent and know how to make stability calculations. You enjoy maintaining tanks cofferdam and void spaces, take care of the ship certificates. You comply with procedures when the ship is in port, report on bridge readiness,… A day on board of a ship, such as a Scylla ship is a big challenge, only for them with big talents.


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Do you have a talent for navigation and maneuvering? Are you thrilled about assisting the Captain in taking care of the ship and all persons on board? Do you enjoy taking care of safety and the performance of regulations stipulated by law? Are you the talent that can oversee orders, tidiness, and hygiene on board? Then this might be a position for you! Apply now and become a Steersman aboard a cruise ship, such as a Scylla cruise vessel


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In this position you are responsible for maintenance and nautical duties on board of the of a cruise ship. You report to the Captain, 2nd Captain and/or navigation officer. If you want to apply for this nautical position, you should be willing to work operational, be able to work under pressure, be accurate and professional. Apply now and become a Sailor aboard a cruise ship, such as a Scylla cruise vessel.